Why Must You Opt for Hotel Chatbot in 2023?

Hotel Chatbot Best for Hospitality Industry

chatbots for hotels

Edwardian Hotel’s chatbot 'Edward’ is so good at responding to requests that guests think they are talking to a member of staff. Chatbots have indeed altered the face of the hotel industry by providing effective management, satisfactory guest experience, and tailored administration skills. A chatbot is one of the most exceptional ways to ask for feedback from your guests after their checkout.

chatbots for hotels

Enhancing guest experience with the aid of continuous technological advancement is important for the hotel industry, as it would attract more guests and improve operational efficiency. Low cost, greater customer service, with minimal errors can be delivered by using chatbots. However, the use of chatbots can only improve customer service for guests who are willing and prefer to use chatbots and therefore a positive attitude to digital innovations is required. Online communications are increasingly made via chatbots, instead of call agents and they gradually replace traditional communication channels [12]. P4 mentioned that once guests make reservations via chatbots, hotels are able to send them messages pre-arrival, throughout their stay and post-check out to provide assistance and a unique experience.

What hoteliers are saying

Statista.com surveyed hoteliers in January 2022 and determined that chatbot use by the hospitality sector would increase by 53 percent this year. Chatbots have been spoken about at length across many industries where customer service is a key aspect of running a successful business. During the booking process, the chatbot could use the information it has gathered to offer relevant extras like breakfast or spa services. Additionally, you can utilize on your company’s social media and instant messaging accounts in addition to web pages.

  • The ever blooming hospitality industry is one of the major contributors to the economy of developed and developing countries and with the introduction of IT .
  • If you don’t use a chatbot, customers with critical questions about their potential trip must wait for your human agents to find the time to get back to them.
  • The hotel industry will most likely use the chatbot to answer specific questions, respond to queries, and provide helpful information.
  • An example would be sending them a reminder of their reservations like dinner, spa, city tour and even fun activities during their vacation.
  • This is particularly important for business travelers who don’t want to run the risk of an unpredictable check-in or a non-communicative host.

Read the rest of the article for a full guide to hotel chatbots, including how to implement one on your property’s website for a boost to direct bookings. A hotel chatbot is a type of software that is used to replicate a conversation between the property and a potential guest on the hotel’s website. The chatbot is designed to ask and answer common questions, so it can help guests find the information they need and make a booking decision.

Integrate with any software

Adding a tool for instant communication with customers on the website become a necessity. Don’t count on guests to write an email or call you when they haven’t found what they were looking for. As Artificial Intelligence race is on, major tech companies are already developing Chatbots to serve their customer in a better way.


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